5 Amazing Tools For Becoming Pastry Chef

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1. Even-Cake Slicing Leveler. 

This 5 Layer Leveler is designed to easily help you achieve an even layered cake in seconds.
How-To Use:
Choose the layer depth you want
Press down on the button
Put in your Serrated knife and release the button
Cut as you normally would
The best part now is, you don't have to worry about uneven layers

2. Adjustable Height Cake Scraper.

When you want clean, sharp, smooth frosting edges this is the spatula for you! It works wonders with ganache, buttercream, whipped frosting, and much more.

3. Easiest Cake Rose Cutter. 

MULTIPURPOSE- Are you crafty? Use it with play dough, clay, and why not just paper! Kids would love making 3D roses! Great for making rose-shaped bread and rolls!

4. Artistic Pastry Nozzles Set.

Making your own beautiful and unique cakes, puff or any pastry is SO EASY with right tools! Use these Artistic Pastry Nozzles Set, you can create a beautiful assortment of flowers for your birthday or wedding cakes.

5. Pearl Applicator For Cakes. 

This is an amazing decorating tool that will speed up the decorating process by 90% and will improve along the way the accuracy by which you place the small sprinkles eliminating any marks on the icing or fondant that could result from having to manually place beads one by one.

  • /2 * Cake Levelers.
  • /2 * Adjustable Height Cake Scraper.
  • /3 * Rose Cookie Cutter. (Different Size)
  • /8 * Pastry Decorative Nozzles + 1 * Pastry bag + 1 * Coupler
  • /1 * Pearl Applicator