Portable Electric Leather Polisher

Have you encountered these problems?
Visit customers, dirty shoes,old leather jacket? detrimental image
It's too expensive to ask someone to shine outside
Polishing is too laborious

Maybe you need this to help you solve all your troubles.

Widely work on all leather products!

Main Features

  • [WIDE USE]
    This product can also be used to clean and maintain the surface of leather bags, leather sofas, and leather car seats. Leather Beauty your shoes/Car Seat/Home beauty/Leather care.
    We like your leather daily necessities like a lover, suitable for small boxes, easy to store, suitable for travel, so you always have a more perfect appearance, confident to go out.

    The product is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry, suitable for family and outdoor activities. There is also a beautiful shoe brush base for easy placement.
    This product is equipped with a brightening brush, a brush, a polishing brush, and a dusting brush. Professional shoe brush system for polishing/dusting/increasing brightness/oiling.
    Providing quick, easy, and clean care for all kinds of leathers, vinyl, nubuck, like leather shoes, leather bags, leather jackets, etc, even furniture like sofa, car mat, and more. You only need a few minutes to make them clean and shiny. No more embarrassment: Dirty shoes in a business visit, going outside makes shoes dirty, pay for cleaning, trouble in shoes polishing, dirty hands with shoe polish.

Usage Scenarios

  • WORKS ON ALL CLEANABLE LEATHER, We make this electric brush small in size, lightweight, so it can be easy to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor. With diversified use scenarios,It can be placed in the home shoe cabinet, put it in the office drawer, or carried on the trip


Package include:Household Small Electric Shoe Polisher × 1+Brightening brush + oiling brush + polishing brush + dust removal brush